A Black Bird for Doomsday Harks

Check Mate

A look to the other side

Jonathan scowled as he glanced around at those he held dear. Cat had not smiled for hours nor left his recovering brothers’ bedside. Trixie was recovering from multiple bruises and cuts and Faust had be eerily silent. Not Kane though. He had yelled. They had failed. Jonathan had failed. Jonathan received the worst of the tongue lashings. Shimino was out of commission so the verbal abuse was the small Englishman’s to bare.

“We are leaving. Price has need of us elsewhere.”

Jonathan scowl deepened. Price. He disliked that man. He’d always seen Kane in control and it was odd to see him take orders from someone else. “As you wish it.”

“I do.” Kane growled and glared down at the blonde. “I don’t care how close you are to any other member of that band…if you see them again you are to kill them. None of this- we don’t want to fight- bullshit!”

Jonathan cleared his throat, bracing himself for impact if it ever came. “Sir, with all due respect, we are not murderers.” No. We were not like Price and those ‘killers’.

Kane laughed bitterly then walked over to Jonathan’s chess board and rearranged a few. “Think of this as chess, Cross. I am king.” He pointed to the white king on the board and then nudged the queen beside it. “You may run this game but you follow the commands of the king. You will destroy my enemies with but a command…or…” He suddenly snatched up both knights and dropped them to the floor. The beautiful porcelain figures smashed easily upon the tile. The shards of the two white knights scattered to the bottom of Cat and Shimino’s door as if carried by the very shadows themselves to that spot.

The message was clear and Jonathan nodded with a heavy heart. “I understand.”

The Japanese man smiled and it sent a shiver of disgust down Jonathan’s spine. “Good. I’m glad we understand each other. You’ve always been a smart man, Cross…Except when it came to love. You gave up a privileged life for it and would do anything to protect it. In that…lies weakness, Cross-”

“Are we done?” Jonathan cut him off, no longer wishing to engage the man. “I have to tend to my brother-in-law’s wounds as well to soothe my husband’s worry for him.”

“Yes…I do believe we are.” He stalked forward and put a hand of the little man’s shoulder. Jonathan made it a point not to flinch. “Have them ready to go by morning. Are we clear?”

“Crystal, sir.”

Kane patted his shoulder and stalked away. The white queen watched the white king leave through narrowed eyes. We are the same color. We are on the same team. But be warned, white king…The loss of the white Queen can almost end the game as surely as getting the king in check. If you’re smart…you can work around it. But this king…? No. He should take better care.

We are on the same team…spoke the white queen as the white king retreated. But for how much longer?



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