A Black Bird for Doomsday Harks

J for... Justice?

That was cheesy...

Life doesn’t get easier after you fake your own death. Jus’ sayin’…

Somehow we got caught up in a rescue mission to find one of L’s childhood friends. I don’t really mind, we have to look out for our own now. And as it turns out, he got himself in a heap o’ shit.

A few hours travel outside of Las Vegas in the Winnebago, which is runnin’, but still needs some work, maybe a new carburetor. Anyway we get to this town, and it’s all bordered up. People have been disappearing since the 50’s or some shit. Why no one was lookin’ into it til now, I have no idea. We found out everyone who disappears goes into this rundown hotel and never comes back.

And no one looked into it. Friggin’ cops…

Anyway, We go check it out and BAM, in a friggin’ haunted house. Not just any haunted house— err hotel… But one that seemed to be from the 50’s. Lots of dead folks here. And as hard as I tried, it seemed like most of the powers my dad gave me just didn’t work inside. But I kept tryin’ anyway.

Poor Haru. He’s the first kid we met. He was all alone. We tried to help him out while we looked for L’s friend and I guess Umi’s brother too. He didn’t tell us he was missing. Like we wouldn’t help? Just because he talks too much and I want to punch him in the face every single day doesn’t mean I wouldnt help him find his bro. Some titanspawn shit started messing with Penny. Coward ran and hid from me. Smart move, but hiding doesn’t make him safe. He’d get his too.

Haru had a brother, Joseph. He was murdered in an upstairs bathroom. We dug deeper as we made our way to the attic. Turns out, Haru’s dad killed him. After that, he confessed to Haru’s mother, who threw herself out the 4th floor window into the gardens outside. What a friggin’ mess. The dad, coward that he was, he goes and hangs himself in the attic.

That motherfucker titanspawn put the father up to it. He ruined a whole family’s lives just for his jollies.

He was hiding out in the basement in the end. The crew were all looking for bells and such. We got Joseph and Haru to help us find the fucker. Finally we find a secret passage and go down to a room with some pedestals and an altar. That bastard Russian monster was there.

I gave the band time to work and took the bastard on myself. Probably a stupid move, but with all the shit going down to this family, I wasn’t going to let him off easily. I told him to repent for his sins. He spat at me. Bad move, fucker.

He tore into me with these long nails, super sharp. Felt like ice as they cut into me. It should have hurt, but I reached down deep and tapped into… something. I dont know. Something strong. And I felt damn good.

He and I fought a bit more, and Eli took a hit to the chest that the vampire meant for me. He’s lucky he didn’t die. I dug as deep as I could, grabbed the fucker and pile drove him into the circle in the middle of the room… And I came up short. Worse, the fucker wrecked my gauntlets that dad gave me. They’re broken now. The wind knocked out of me, Nails finished knocking the fucker into the circle. Haru, Umi and Penny rang the bells in order and he was destroyed in a burst of light. Haru had possessed the body of L who was suffering from some kind of stroke.

That did the trick, and we saved the day, and kind of saved Haru. When we left, it was modern day and the town seemed to be better for our work. We found Umi’s brother and L’s friend. We found out that Haru had lived a few years longer, but died of tuberculosis. What a waste…

Then the pain set in. Slow at first. Penny took us to the hospital to get patched up.

So I have deep chest lacerations that still burn even after they’ve been treated. They hurt like all fuck. Eli has a collapsed lung and a big wound in his chest. L had suffered from some kind of seizure. I dont know how bad he is now. I think Nails, Penny and Umi are okay.

Dad is not going to be happy. I know I’m not. He and I are going to have words. He wants me to do his bidding, he better give me birthrights that are up to snuff. When I gave it my best, the best wasn’t good enough.

Fuck, I hate titanspawn…



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