A Black Bird for Doomsday Harks

Room Service...

I don’t think I ever want to go into the Hotel business, ever! Seems we had a bit of a run at one recently, the Barker Hotel? Yea, it ain’t a franchise so it can’t be trusted! We didn’t just get some dirty sheets and no mint on the pillow, we got a full blown Ghost Busters haunting! I’m not one to go into a situation unprepared (heh if I can help it) but we were really just playing this number by ear.

The investigation was for some missing persons, we later found out Umi’s Black Sheep brother was amongst them. Thanks to Umi’s encyclopedia brain though, or we wouldn’t have known where to begin on preparing ourselves. Salt, garlic, stakes (wooden ones, or we’d be throwing ourselves a barbeque). We headed out and soon realized we’d bitten off a little more than we were educated to deal with! As we approached the hotel, we got warped into some kind of Twilight Zone time flux from room to room. There wasn’t any going back unless we wanted to stay in the apparent 1950’s. Yea, no Ozzy Osbourne, no thanks!

We met the very dead proprieter (or at least his son, Haru, he was dead too). Soon after we began a sweep of the hotel, room by room, floor by floor, slowly stepping around this apparent dark creature that was holding the whole place hostage. Seems like Haru’s family fell victim to this Russian vampire after WWII and things went bad for them. Fast forward about 50 years or so and we got a pissed off dude who really needs to cut his nails chasing us around the hotel trying to drive us nuts. Poor Penny was hearin Shamino’s voice. Shamino was in Texas…

Well, a few tense hours, a dozen bells and some virtuous rocks later, we found out the whole story. Looks like the Dad was somehow forced into killing his older son (not Haru), chopping up his body and dropping it behind a mirror in a hall on the 3rd floor. The whole affair made Haru’s Mom kill herself by jumping from a 4th floor window (who could blame her). After all was said and done, the Dad killed himslef too. We caught him in the attic… hanging around… sorry that pun was bad.

Heh, grabbed a yard sale’s worth of oddball stuff to open ourselves a way down into the basement. Gotta give Eli credit, that guy can work a lockpick faster than I’ve seen J rip a car stereo. It helped us more than once! Umi’s ghost knowledge and Penny’s social skills really helped in dealing with the disembodied spirits that wanted to eat our face. J even went toe to toe with the monstrous blood sucker himself! He took a bit of a beating but when everything was in place, we were able to undo the magic holding the vampire to our ummm dimension I guess.

That’s why I’m here now, chugging a 6-pack, talking to my dog who had the smarts to stay in the Winnebago… beacause that was… nuts…



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