A Black Bird for Doomsday Harks

Somewhat Unintelligable


[Inside an old leather bound field journal. Two large coffee stains are on the upper left and lower right corners.]
I appear to be a Hero. In the neoclassical sense, or even in the classical sense. Herculean would be more accurate I suppose.
Buy more Salt.
Look into Brickdust.
The child of a god and man, the ability to do things mortals can not, and yet entire mortal but themselves. I wish I could say I was making this up but I am not. Truly, my father appeared to me in the form of a dream. Anubis.
This explains my fascination to the Egyptian history. Though, I must admit I always imagined that it was dues to my trying to connect with my familial history. Both my mother and my fa adoptive father are Egyptian. Trying to connect with my roots.
Doesn’t work on animals.
I am traveling with others like me, a french woman named Penny, a creole named Eli, a young gang banger and ne’er-do-well J, and an old mechanic called Nails. While my first indoctrination into this group had me fearing for my mental health, it seems they all shared the same dream I had. Mathematically, the odd of five people all having the same dream, or a shared delusion/hallucination with out a common jumping point is astronomical. So, the only conclusion left, no matter how improbable it may be, after all other options have been exhausted must be true.
Still this leaves me quite puzzled. Anapa doesn’t really fit with my personality. I am a scholar not a mortician. Thoth would have fit me better. As they say, one can not pick one’s parents.
Knights Templar: Band. Good Music. Poor name: Templar were seen as genocidal to the Islamic community of the time, fanatics as well. Will need to speak to manager.
It’s a strange thing, to be the child of a god. I treat them with reverence and respect deserving the them. It is true, I pay no worship, but I have never been a religious man, I have been given little but
disrespect by every deity I have come across. Apollo and Hades not withstanding: they simply ignored my presence. Thor though, the protector of farmers, and people: he was simply…mean, in essence. I asked a simple question, attempting to infer his wishes to use a weapon against those that would wish him harm, instead he was…demeaning to me. In his culture I would be a…-skuld-…bard. Keeper of stories, of names.
Father was slightly better, everything I attempted to do, and show him, was met with dismissal. It reminded me of my own father, but less loving. Father at least would be affectionate with me. Anubis remains sterile with me, almost afraid to show emotion. This is Anubis: judge of the dead. What does he see in me that makes him doubt me so? What great evil have I done? What is it that weighs my heart down against the feather?
Too long in the “ivory tower”. Anti-intellectualism still rampant. J.
Penny seems nice. She is down to earth, and ruled by her compassion and her emotions. I can admire that. Someone so driven is bound to do good things.
Eli is an enigma to me. He speaks little, a foil to my own ramblings I am aware. When he does though, he speaks through action. A gentleman in an era where they are all but extinct. My respect for him comes from his actions: the one of us to dance the line of morality with the ease of a tightrope walker.
Nails. A fellow man of devotion to knowledge. Mine the scholastic, his the mechanic. I would trust his judgement on the condition of anything that moves. His mind seems to process the physical very well.
J ay is the youngest of the group. A gang banger and, I am sure, member. I admire his spirit and his willingness to risk so much for so little. Though his respect for me is lacking. He believes that he can solve any problem by simply punching, or threatening it down, he seems to misunderstand what it is I have devoted my life to. Knowledge, not hiding.
While the others seem eager to have my input on certain things we are going up against, J seems the most resistant. I wonder if I have change his mind about any of this. Show him that
Sign of the Cross: [Drawing: A snake with Candles and a skull]
The Con Man: [Drawing: A hammer, a shield and a lightening bolt.]
A Trixie Pixie: [Drawing: A man holding up a heart to the sky]
The Lover: [Drawing: The Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye] The Green Skinned?
The Devil: Unknown
The Brother: Unknown
intelligence is a good thing, intelligence is the oil in which weapons are tempered. I doubt I can. He doesn’t listen to me. He listens to Penny. They knew each other before it seems.
Wolf man or Fenrir? Wager Fenrir.
He greets every advance of intellect as an affront to his nature almost. We were asked to guard a door. The duty went by with out so much as a fly out of place. Save the Knights. In the end, they proved to be little more then a nuisance. Except when we went to the Wheat-Maze. Then they proved their intentions to us. Jonathan showed up.
He showed up with Faust. Determined to hinder us from our latest task. I had to slow them down, I am aware I am useless in a fight. L it seems is just as pointless. Again though, I just had to wait it out, I am sure the others would get through without a problem. Sure enough they did. As Jonathan was reciting by rote a very aggressive Chess opening gambit, I corrected him. This is Go. In chess every piece is different value, Pawns the lowest and Kings the highest. In Go, everyone is equal, and it is strategy that wins the day. With a little pride I was able to remind him that
[Drawing: The Symbol for Papa Legba, then the Symbol for Eshu.]
I didn’t give up on my knowledge like he did. Instead I followed it, and I know the rituals he hasn’t learned, or heard of. I know he is a Loa, He doesn’t know I can recite the spells and incantations of the Mayans, the Japanese, the Greek, the Romans or gods help him, the Babalonians. If he thought the Azlanti were bad, then he should do some reading on the Chaos Dragon of the Babalonians.
I am growing tired of my intellect being brushed aside, the years of sacrifice to get to where I am being glanced over.
Then there is Price. What to do about him?



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