A Black Bird for Doomsday Harks

Ya Think Ya Know a Guy...

Well, ya think ya know a guy… Seems Penny got a call from that band guy in the Knight’s Templar,
Shamino I think his name was. He wanted a public meeting place so he chose the local park, pretty swift! I don’t know if a sweet gal like Penny should be running with a guy like that though. I mean, I was a roadie once, I can kinda guess what part of the “Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll” he’s got his eye on but I don’t really know the guy. Well after we all covertly staked out the park, things looked legit so Umi (who was riding side car in the chopper) and I decided to go grab a beer.

Well, ya think ya know a guy… Seems Umi had a pretty good background on the whole history of beer. Finally something we could talk about. He’s an uptight kinda guy, but after a few brews he loosens up a bit. Pretty cool, now I just gotta get him a girlfriend and things should turn out right. After a while (things got a little fuzzy) we headed back to the new house, a bit of a run-down fixer-upper a few miles further into the desert. Heh, and I thought, I lived on the end of nowhere. I’m worried about J, though… seems like he’d settled some kinda score while I was out drinking. A kid like that shouldn’t have to deal with the kinda stuff we’re going through, but then again, we didn’t choose the situation we’re in. Bummer.

Well, ya think ya know a guy… Seems El had some relative. It’s tough to describe when umm he umm she can umm change form and gender. Pretty hot, but confusing… Yea, seems this guy Alexander (who’s a dude), had some kids with this other guy (who’s a dude) and the kids are missing. I dunno, I guess the god’s don’t get cable. Anyway, seems the kids were out walking the dog (who was part lion, part gator, part umm hippo) and they lost. Out near Willamete, where we had to deal with that rogue Cherub and the Cornfield. Heh, I know where I’m not planning my next vacation, Do Scions even get vacations? I wonder if we even get Dental? Well it was high time for another road trip! Luckily we got a beat up old Winnebago we tricked out so we won’t be cramming into the Prius anymore.

Well, ya think ya know some kids… We arrived in the town to find the young little god-lings lobbing fireballs and lightning at each other. Seems they had lost their dog in some old Wild West mock up town. We calmed the rascals down and got the crew split up and something didn’t seem right. We were getting the feeling of a Titan Spawn near by. Well we found the dog, frankly I wasn’t impressed. It was a little purse Chihuahua and the little dust mop scurried off just as a huge worm monster burst up outta the ground! On top of that, a clown car of Red Shirts came rolling up with these cartoon circus nets. Seems they had the power to sap the kids power and turn them from gods into their kids.

It was one hell of a fight, but once we sent those cronies running and turned that Worm into fish-bait, we got out all right. The kids were begging and pleading for us not to squeal on them and frankly it was touching. They were hoping to offer us some kinda favor, but we all agreed that if they couldn’t keep the dog off the grass, they wouldn’t be a hell of a huge help in fighting the Titan-Spawn. We were pretty easy on them when we gave our report to their umm mom… err dad… ugh whatever, I need a beer!



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