Lawliet Parker

Somthing is wrong with this boy.


Lawliet was born in London, England. His mother died due to complications of birth and he was sent to a Orphanage. Luckily for him he was almost instantly adopted by the Parkers and brought to America.

So he grew up with Parents that loved him and got a good job in the police station to follow in his adotive fathers’ footsteps. Well along that path he decided to become a homicide detective and his parents couldn’t be more proud of him. Under the life of privilage and his cute harmless demenor, lies trouble that was cursed upon him via the sins of the father. Lawilet Parker’s real Father is the sun god Apollo and he inherited his father’s bad luck in love.

Though often resentful of having to be indebted to a man who calls himself his father, Lawliet puts on a smile and is rarely seen without one. Because of his essentric nature, most people who come across him assume that he’s gay.

Lawliet prefures to be called “L” but wont stop anyone either way.

As the Hero’s soon found out, L has a curse upon him that has been there since birth. “Any woman he touches with his love will die.” after the loss of Samantha Guiler, his old fiancee, the band can clearly see his horrible track record. Lawliet blames Apollo for the curse silently, never seeming to want to force his hateful feelings on his band mates.


Lawliet Parker

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