Xavier Price

The number One killer.


Not much is currently known about Xavier Price other then the fact he runs a multi-million dollar company that deals in imports and that he is the leader of the Red suits. He seems to be “Killer 1” in a list of nine, making him the most dangerous.

Xavier seems to hold a grudge against the gods for ‘taking his brother away and turning his own sister against him’. He claims to have no love the the gods and will stop at nothing to see them loose everything as he has. He alludes to the fact he too is a Scion but just ‘Fighting for the other side.’

He has had dealings with the leader of the Knights Templar and the two appear to stay in contact.

after meeting the band for the first time, Umi figured Xavier out to be a former Scion of Loki, who had now turned to the Titans to serve his needs. He stole The Eye of the World and vanished with three of his killers. His plans still seem shrouded in mystery.


Xavier Price

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