A Black Bird for Doomsday Harks

Written in Eli's shorthand

striker / chill hard geerhead
wiki / lame scrawny chatterbox
street /rage hard brat
vixen / clever sweet accent
fuzz / distracted potent sleuth

Note to Self: Stop Drinking

Well shit… Things aint been this weird since being a Roadie for Willie Nelson. Actually can’t remember too much of that so I guess recent events take the cake. Well me and that kid J found out that we’re sons of well… Gods. Yea like the kind on the Metal covers. Well one 3 AM jaunt at a greasy spoon with a bunch of other characters was all it took.

Got a bitchin’ sledge hammer outta the deal and seems my dog can talk to me. Yea I think the government put something in the water. Doesn’t look like I’m the only one though. Jay, the “troubled youth program kid” seems like he got the same deal too. Took out a friggin’ werewolf or something, pretty sweet. There’s a little dearie named Penelope that seems to have a things for hats and plants. There’s a bookworm named Umi, looks like he’s got a Jackal, so at least Butch has a little buddy to plsy with. Nice guy, but too uptight.

There’s a guy named Eli too, real sharp fella with deep pockets. I’m waiting for him to cash in on the killer lio ride he gave us.

Well in the mean time we’re guarding a door for a Godly board meeting. Yea and the local bar band seems to be decended from gods too. Heh, this just keeps getting wierder and wierder. Wonder when the curtain is gonna drop and the camera man’s gonna yell surprise…

Postcards to the Dead, Part 1
Written in French, Naturally

Dear Mama,

Well, I made it to Las Vegas without a hitch! The flight was short (these American flight attendants are so pleasant!) and we landed in perfect weather. Not a cloud in the desert sky :D Once I checked into the hotel, I spent the rest of the day shopping for knick-knacks (Wait until Grandmere sees the little bobblehead cactus I got for her!) and then spent the evening in the hotel bar, watching a band and having the most interesting conversation with their manager. Le Rosbif, he is very strange. He became even stranger, but I’ll get to that later.

That night, I had the strangest dream – I was in a large white space, floating, and I could hear voices all around me (though I couldn’t see anyone). Then, out of nowhere, I saw a man come toward me. He was tall and dark and Mama, he told me things. He said he was a god and that he was my father. He even knew all the presents Papa — he — sent to me, and told me that he wished he could have been there. Did you know, Mama? I wish I had.

When I woke up, there was a letter waiting for me, saying I was to meet someone at a diner very early the next morning. I went, though I wasn’t sure what to expect, and waiting for me there were others that were like me, children of the gods! And you’ll never guess who was there — J! You remember, that boy I was working with when I was in school in Los Angeles? Turns out he ran away to Las Vegas, and has been working for another one of us, a very boisterous man named Nails (I wonder what his real name is, as I cannot think of any mother naming their son after a building material!). Also there was a charming man named Eli, and a very smart (but perhaps a little too smart) man named Umi, which I think is some sort of Egyptian, since his father turned out to be Anubis. Maybe? I’m not quite sure.

Anyway, we were given a task to guard a room in a hotel that our fathers were meeting in. It turns out it’s quite a task, since we were bothered by a very nosy hotel manager and Le Rosbif showed up again. Umi apparently knows him! So many coincidences have to mean something, right? His band played that evening after our job was done for the day, and I had a very bad feeling watching them. I left, and as I was walking out, they turned a spotlight on me and made a spectacle of me! I was angry, but more worried, and Umi followed me up to our room to stay with me, since we were told not to go anywhere alone (Umi and J were attacked by a wolf-man when they went back to the hotel to check out, so it’s probably good advice). Things were fine, until the singer of the band showed up at the door and gave me flowers! What a strange night.

We all decided that it would be best to figure out what kind of people we were up against, since Nails’ dog Butch (who he can talk to!) told us that the singer, Shimino (I think that’s how you spell his name), smelled like he was one of the Egyptian gods. We figured they could be like us, so I offered to try and get Butch into the room by going over and talking with Shimino. It didn’t go exactly as planned, as he wouldn’t really let me in the room. I asked him to walk with me, and we did, and it was a very pleasant time, surprisingly! He seems like a very nice man. I found out later that things had gone terribly while we were gone, and it seems that the rest of the band is kind of angry at us (more specifically, J). I hope this doesn’t cause any problems :(

Well, Mama, it’s time I got some sleep. I’ll write you another postcard soon!

I love you, and miss you, and I hope you’re smiling watching me from wherever you are.


J's Adventure Log 1

Seriously, what the hell. This is bull sh**…

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