The Gods

These are your parents. Big shock I know. You wake up one day with a package from them saying- “hey kid. Sorry I wasn’t around but here are some neat-O weapons in which to smite my enemies with. Enjoy!” yeah. Sounds pretty unbelievable. Well unfortunately it’s true and your simple life if it was simple, is not so much anymore.

You can deny it…you can walk away and pretend this didn’t happen. But you have Awakened and now there will be people…creatures….you name it, hunting you. You can try to hide but it is nearly impossible. Because of your divine parent and your newly awakened blood, you are like a beacon to them. You can run. They will find you. Fight or die. The choice is no longer your own. Maybe that’s why some Scions are easily corrupted. They resent their parent so they turn to the not-so-light side.

I can tell you little of the gods. I have studied in such things…but know I’ve never met any of them personally.

The Aesir

The Atzlanti

The Amatsukami

The Dodekatheon

The Loa

The Pesedjet

The Gods

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