Welcome young mortal….or should I call you a god-ling?

You’ve been summoned here under a strange circumstance I know, but I need but a moment of your time. You are special. More special then you’ve known…or maybe you have always known deep down and it’s only now making sense.

You are the child of a God and you’ve been chosen.

It must be difficult to believe but you must trust me. The God’s need your service, humanity needs you…and you are now in great danger. I don’t have a lot of time… they may be listening, may be watching… Just follow me…quickly. Don’t look up, don’t speak to anyone. Just follow me out of here to a safe place. I’ll explain everything once we get there.

A Black Bird for Doomsday Harks

Rykael Telin Ziruas allyster Oushiza