A Black Bird for Doomsday Harks

J's Adventure Log 3

Enough of this...

If I ever see the Knight’s Templar again, They’re going down, even if I have to die to take them out.

They’re working for some douche named Xavier Price. Yeah, he’s already on my list. They aren’t even working for a god. The guy is some titan-lower or somethin’. That’s what pisses me off. They use their gifts to screw with other Scions. Aren’t we supposed to be stopping that Ragnarok thing that Umi keeps runnin’ his mouth about? I had to deal with the gangs back in LA. It’s not something I want to deal with again, especially if I’m supposed to be some kid of a god.

But my dad is a God of war, among other things. If they want to bring it, I’m still here. And if they want to get in the way of my band again, they’ll have to go through me first… I will protect them, and anyone that goes after them better watch the fuck out.

Oh, and Eros better keep the fuck away from me. He’s on the list now too. Under Price’s control or not, this was the most awkward day of my life.



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