A Black Bird for Doomsday Harks

J's adventure log: not cool

When I found out I was the son of a God, I was pretty cool with it.  I do what he says, mess some guys up, get revenge on that dick that knocked up mom, and get hooked up in return, set for life, really.  I was even okay with having to put up with all these honkie bastards too in our gang—I mean band… 
But this.  Is.  Bull.  Shit.
I ain’t no errand boy.  And I don’t owe my dad nuthin’.  He was never around, so asking me to go find some “Queen of Flowers” bitch for his brother-god to rape to death is not cool.  Especially with what happened to mom.  He gave me some gloves as a reward.  Guess he knows what I’m good at.  But I will NEVER do this again.  He can kill me if he wants.  I won’t let anyone else get raped.
But I did it.  I’m still not sure why.  Damn, I can still hear her scream.  And that look.
And I didn’t even get to beat on the damn frost giant that the others ran into.  I guess taking down that werewolf punk was good enough for now.  Took three of them to stop the giant.  No, I got to walk around like a chick at this stupid flower show and play gay boy for L when Penny was having trouble with her quest.
The other band must have listened to me when I told them to back off.  They haven’t caused any more crap since.  But we were attacked by these red dicks with friggin’ tommy guns.  I took one down, but another shot me, but I was too fast and he only got my arm.  Then some giant flying snake thing came out of nowhere and killed one for me.  Must be tied to this ring dad gave me.  It’s gone now. 
Now we’re back at Nails’ garage, regrouping.  L got attacked by his ex-fiancée.  Guess he wasn’t gay after all.  He’s better now, but we just found out she was murdered on the news.  Nails and I are defending the place now.
This is the worst day ever.  Who thought playin’ by the rules would be so hard?



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