Sigurd "Nails" Thorburn

Bad-assed Biker and the Old Man of the band...


Name: Sigurd “Nails” Thorburn Calling: Defender of Scions Pantheon: Aesir
Nature: Survivor God: Thor

STR: 4 (2 E) CHA: 3 PER: 3
DEX: 4 (2 E) MAN: 1 INT: 3
STA: 4 (2 E) APP: 3 WIT: 3 (1 E)

Academics: 2
Athletics: 3 (Favored)
Awareness: 2
Brawl: 4 (Favored)
Control: 2 (Favored)
(Motorcycles) 2

Craft: 2
Empathy: 1
Fortitude: 4
Integrity: 2
Marksmanship: 1
Medicine: 1

Melee: 3 (Favored)
Survival: 3
Thrown: 4 (Favored

Relic (3 dot) Sledge Hammer of Mjolnir – Sky, Guardian, +1 DMG
Creature (2 dot) Butch the dog.

Sledgehammer (+0ACC, +8B, -1def, Speed 5, Pierce)

Join Battle: 5, Parry Melee: 4, Parry Brawl: 5
Dodge DV: 6

Willpower: 4

Courage: 2
Endurance: 2
Loyalty: 1

Soak: +2A, +5L, +6B

Armor: Hide Leather (+1L/3B)

Legend 9
Sky 1, Sky’s Grace
Guardian 3, Ward

Hurl to the Horizon, Uplifting Might
Lightning Sprinter, Untouchable Opponent
Self Healing, Holy Fortitude
Opening Gambit


Owner of the Last Chance Garage, Nails has always been a rough rebel living on the edge. He’s driven with biker gangs and put in long hours at the steel mill. He’s worked in auto garages all across the U.S., following the big bands of the day. Now in his dwindling years, burnt out from heavy drinking, Nails is attempting to settle down and try to put some focus in his life. The best he’s got is the Last Chance Garage, a stab at being his own man.

To help with the tax situation, Nails has taken on “J” through a government sponsored vocational program for troubled teens. He sees a lot of his wild past in J, just painted differently…
The two work on the masses of junkers that breath their last on the Vegas strip. Nails tries to pass on his knowledge of automotive and motorcycle mechanics while looking the other way when it comes to dealing with J’s “special discount parts”.

Sigurd "Nails" Thorburn

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